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Aunt Elli

Aunt Elli is one of the new breed of AB /DL sites. Run by real diaper fetishists that know the difference between a pullup & a molicare this is a site that knows and cares about the AB & DL community.

The site is full of some of the cutest diaper loving Adult Baby girls you'll find anywhere on the net and regularly updated with fresh new content inc an amateurs section too.

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Club Diapers

Club Diapers is an adult baby megasite owned & run by genuine AB/DL rather than a porn company so these guys really do understand the adult baby fetish!! The site features 1000s of high quality colourful adult baby photos and video clips of adult men,women and couples in diapers, plastic pants and other adult baby fetish clothes.

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Adult Baby Girl


Adult Baby Girl focuses on infantilism and age regression role play with videos of real age play scenarios such as feeding time, diaper changing and nap times in a real AB nursery. All the Adult Baby Girls are real amateurs exclusive to the site and all the AB outfits are hand made by a loving AB mommy. Definitely worth checking out!!



AB Hunnies


Love watching pretty AB girls playing in their cute AB clothes in the nursery showing off their nappies and plastic pants? Can't get enough of AB babysitters and mommies playing with cute AB girls? Then this is the site for you. These are the pampered glamour puss babes of the AB world.



Saffy's World


Adult Baby Diaper are very pleased to let you know about a NEW adult baby site which is run by a genuine adult baby daddy. The site is a British adult baby site featuring daddy's little girl Saffy a seriously cute diaper girl. The site updates weekly with exclusive photo and video content of baby Saffy in her nappies. The site offers savings if you sign up for 3 months and having seen baby Saffy you will find it hard to resist - definitely an AB site to visit!!!!



Plastic Nappy


Pretty teen AB babes in pretty romper suits looked after by plastic clad nannies. Terry towelling nappies and plastic pants aswell as disposable diapers. Site sometimes can be a tad slow to load but the wait is well worth it!!



Dark Nursery


AB Dark Nursery is an adult baby site about diaper fetish, diaper sex, diaper lovers, age regression, age play and infantilism run by a real dommy mommy with an MA in Psychology. Mommy Katt is a fetish photographer and genuine adult baby mommy. Includes AB/DL Personals!!



Adult Baby Source

Wendy's Adult Baby Source is the biggest Adult Baby / Diaper Lover site on the planet containing over 74000 adult baby pixtures & 1200 adult baby videos. All content at the Adult Baby Source is original and exclusive so you won't find these adult baby pictures & videos at any other site. Also has Adult Baby Videos & CDs available to order plus the usual helpful information & advice on diaper brands & preferences. Members can post in the Adult Baby Source Forum if they are looking for an adult baby mummy or nanny or adult baby playmates.


Xtreme Diaper


Xtreme Diaper is run by the same folks that run Adult Baby Source so the quality and attention to detail you would expect from genuine Adult Baby / Diaper Lovers is evident but this is a more hardcore diaper sex site. The site updates weekly so always lots to see!!


Adult Diaper

If you love diaper girls then you will love Adult Diaper which features hundreds of photos of adorable adult baby girls wearing Pull-ups, diapers and baby pants! If you want to see cute diapered adult baby girls playing with their toys, sleeping, drinking & playing with other adult baby girls then this is the adult baby site for you. What's even better about this site is that it costs just a one time fee of $7.99 to get access to all these diaper girl pictures with no rebilling.


Gay Diaper

Gay Diaper is the first and only AB owned gay diaper site. The site is full of gay adult baby pictures including images of hardcore gay diaper sex. Lots of gay adult baby content from genuine adult baby owners who know exactly what you want to see because they love guys in diapers too!!


We understand Adult Baby Ezine is currently experiencing some hosting problems. If you are a current member you can get 2 MONTHS FREE ACCESS by sending an EMAIL with your current Verotel User Name and Password to get your membership extended by 2 months totally free.